Welcome to an adventure in reading!

Reading Goals

I always tell my students to set reading goals because it will help motivate them to read even more. Once they have met their goals, I tell them to set new goals. It is important to set realistic reading goals or they may become discouraged and not read. It is also important reading goals are not so easy that you don’t read much at all. There are many different types of reading goals that you can set for yourselves or help your child set.

  • One goal is to read a certain number of pages in a day, month, or year.
  • Another fun goal is to read the books in a certain series or by a certain author in a set period of time.
  • If you want to do something different, set a family or class goal to see how many pages you can read in a month.
  • This past year the entire school tried to read a book from a specific genre each month. This helped them find new genres that they enjoyed.
  • Keep a book log of books read that includes the date finished, the name of the book, the author, and the number of pages.

My Book Log

My students said that they were more motivated to read when they set a reading goal because they were trying to read their more than their set goal. They also were surprised to see how many pages they could read in one month. If setting a reading goal for number of pages in too overwhelming then you could set a goal to read a certain number of minutes each day, week, or month. Setting reading goals is a good way to get yourself or your child to read more.

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