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2015 Challenge

on January 10, 2015

This year I have decided to challenge my students to read 2015 books by the end of the year. We will do this as a group and the teachers’ books will count. I have hung a poster that says 2015 Book Challenge on the wall. When the students finish a book they can add a small book cutout with their names on it to the poster. Doing the chalenge as a group should help motivate them to complete the chalenge and keep reading. This way all students at every level can add to the group’s total. It will also allow them to read books that they enjoy and not have to read a book in a particular genre to participate.

I am also challenging my students to a 2015 challenge fir our military members that we adopted through I am going to have them make cards, write letters, and draw pictures for them. I want all of them to add up to at least 2015 items to send. I have made a 2015 Smiles poster to hang up. I am going to have the students hang a smiley face cutout on the poster every time they finish something for the soldiers. I will have them put their names on the cutouts so that they can seed how many smiles they have sent. This will be an ongoing community service project that teaches them to think about others.


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